Wednesday, 5 August 2015

The dynamic new display in Blott’s windows features the paintings of talented artist Suzanne Pinder

From the series 'A Night out at the Comrades'


Pinder considers the unapologetically amoral nature of Blackpool, her home town, ‘having the power to simultaneously fascinate and repulse’ in Rock Novelties, a loud and pop art-esque depiction of the crass souvenirs on offer on the promenade.

Rock Novelties
The delicate sincerity of the snapshots captured by Pinder in Portraits juxtaposes the vibrant energy in Rock Novelties, through documenting her ‘intense and at times claustrophobic relationship’ with her autistic children.

Particularly of interest is the series entitled Clematis, an all monochrome series of paintings depicting the growth, or perhaps, decay, of organic life forms. ‘As the images become abstracted and reduced, there are elements of calligraphy in the balance between black and white. Any specific images seen by the viewer are purely incidental.’ Pinder permits the spectator to become an artist in their own right, as the painting becomes a catalyst for the spectator’s own imagination.


‘I was born in St. Annes and initially trained as a nurse at Blackpool Victoria Hospital, qualifying in 1990. I then completed a part time Foundation in Art and Design at Blackpool and the Fylde College in 1999, followed by a Fine Art Degree at Lancaster University in 2004.
I obtained my PGCE from Blackpool and the Fylde College in 2008, teaching on the Diploma course and studied for a PGC (Autism) in 2011, before eventually returning to nursing as a Ward Sister.
Part of Orb Art Artists’ Collective from 2004 until 2014 and exhibiting with them, I have now moved to The Old Rock Factory as part of Celery Artists’ Workshops on the ground floor.
My interests are: chickens, allotments, building sites, films, dancing, history, toilets, cranes, architecture, and aeroplanes. To name but a few.’

Review by Sarah Giblin
Photography by Jill Reidy 

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