Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Laura Havenhand exibition at FYC

You are invited to view Blott artist Laura Havenhand's new exhibition later this month at Bloackpool's FYCreatives in conjunction with Supercollider.

For more information, please read below.


16 - 29 JANUARY 2012

Supercollider is pleased to announce the next exhibition in partnership with FYCreatives*.

Laura Havenhand, whose exhibition Delicately Sanctimonious will be next in the Semiconductor** series of exhibitions and the first exhibition of 2012.

Havenhand's work signifies a stance against associations of physicality. Past work has included portraits of society's 'undesirables'; people who live on the fringes of the system, trapped in the periphery, existing in a social limbo. Through a system of art historical referencing these people were subjected to an elevated status through representation and scale.

In this new work Havenhand refocuses her aims, this time questioning the social actions undertaken to create and reinforce biological differentiation which leads to social deviation and a rigid social condition. Through reversing the established way by which women are rendered, Havenhand aims to challenge the societal ideology that maintains a patriarchal family and retains women in the subordinate role.

- Laura Havenhand is an artist based on the Fylde coast. She is currently a member of the Blott Artists' Collective, exhibiting on a national and international basis.

*Supercollider has developed a partnership with Blackpool’s creative industries centre FYCreatives to curate a programme of exhibitions and events in the gallery at FYCreatives’ Church Street site during 2012.

** Semiconductor is a Supercollider initiative developed to encourage and promote the work of artists based within the gallery's locale who are making a positive contribution to the development of artistic practice in the area. Exhibitions are programmed and inserted into the main Supercollider programme establishing a point of connection between the local and wider artist communities.

We would love to see you there! FYC / 154 - 158 Church Street / Blackpool / FY1 3PS