Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Christmas Comes Early to Blott Artists Studio

Looking for a special Christmas gift for someone who loves beautiful things? Look no further than Blott Artists Studio, based in the heart of Blackpool, which opens up its Christmas shop on Monday 30 November.

In addition to original drawings and limited edition original prints, the Christmas shop will also offer a range of high quality gift items created and designed by regional artists. These include the wide range of Vintage Blackpool designs, available on ceramic and china mugs, cotton tote bags, postcards and T shirts. Inspired by early 1900s memorabilia, the Vintage Blackpool range offers a nostalgic glimpse into Blackpool’s past as well as drawing attention to the beauty and potential that still exists for anyone who takes a closer look at the town today.
Other designs for gifts in the Christmas shop include the Revoe Forever range—designed by artist David Butterworth to celebrate the spirit of the area—and the Suffragette range, inspired by memorabilia depicting women’s struggle to obtain the vote for future generations.
Blott’s director and curator Corrine Streetly, says: “Anyone looking for a special gift will find beautiful items designed and crafted by local artists and at a range of prices, with something to suit every pocket.”

This is the very first time that Blott Artists Studio has brought together a collection of artist created and designed items especially with Christmas shoppers in mind and, as Brett Blundell, gallery organiser and trainee curator explains, there is a special reason why the studio has done so this year: “Blott Studios is currently undergoing restructure and reorganisation with plans for two major exhibitions during the first half of 2016, as well as other exciting exhibitions and events throughout the year. All proceeds from the Christmas shop will be put towards the next contemporary fine art exhibition. That means that shoppers will not only be buying beautiful presents for their friends and family—they will also be supporting the work of local artists and helping the region’s creativity to stay vibrant and alive.”
Shoppers can buy their gifts from the Christmas Shop from when it opens on Monday 30 November until Saturday, 19 December. Opening hours are Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 10:30 am and 3:30 pm

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Painting the canvas with the blues - Mike Grattan

Currently exhibiting at Blott Artist Studios on King St, Blackpool, are the delightfully iconic works by Mike Grattan.

 'Re-affirming a life-long affinity and love of pop-art, Mike Grattan has worked on various series related to media celebrities. His finely executed images of iconic people in the media, from film stars, musicians and celebrities are a mass of detail, beautifully and carefully delineated in acrylic paint on canvas.'

Grattan’s paintings are aesthetically phenomenal in their own right; capturing the energy and splendour of the film stars and musicians which he depicts, with exceptional colour use and detail. But what is also achieved, specifically in 'Jimi Hendrix' and 'Lady Sings The Blues', are blurred boundaries of the senses. Grattan inspires the viewer of the artwork to see and feel the music for themselves within the painting, and in doing so, he layers the existing 'musician/audience' relationship with that of the 'artwork/viewer'.

‘Jimi Hendrix’ by Mike Grattan, 101.5 x 76cm, acrylic on canvas

Grattan’s ‘Jimi Hendrix’ portrays the subject’s essence and charisma through fine detail and vibrant use of colour, placing the viewer in the midst of a dynamic, loud and energised Jimi Hendrix gig. The variety of mark-making gives emphasis to the amalgamation of movement, sound and energy which Grattan portrays.

Grattan captures the moment where the musician shares his/her gift with an audience. It is this, which makes his ‘Jimi Hendrix’ so inspiring; Grattan depicts the connection between the musician and an audience and finely transitions this to the artwork and the viewer. Through fine detail, varied mark-making and vivid colours, the viewer is transported through time and placed at the front row of a Jimi Hendrix performance. 

‘Lady Sings The Blues’ by Mike Grattan, 101.5 x 76cm, acrylic on canvas

Grattan’s ‘Lady Sings The Blues’ captures a similar moment to that of his ‘Jimi Hendrix’ painting. Billie Holiday and the music itself are depicted by shades of blue, used in acrylic on canvas. Grattan paints the canvas with the blues, inspiring the viewer to visualise the music. 

‘Lady Gaga’ by Mike Grattan, 101.5 x 76cm, acrylic on canvas

 'Django Unchained' by Mike Grattan, 40x40 inches, acrylic on canvas 

Left: ‘Something’ Right: ‘The Gallagher Brothers’ by Mike Grattan, 101.5 x 76cm, acrylic on canvas

‘Elizabeth Taylor’ by Mike Grattan, acrylic on canvas 

Mike Grattan places the viewer of the artwork within the audience of a Jimi Hendrix and Billie Holiday performance, whilst capturing the energy, beauty, charisma and magnetism of the musicians and film stars, which he depicts.

Get down to Blott Artist Studios and see Mike Grattan's stunning paintings for yourselves, exhibiting now in our gallery on King St, Blackpool.

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Writer: Natalie Khadem
Artwork: Mike Grattan
Photography: Brett Blundell and Mike Grattan