Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Art inspired by the upcoming 'Punk Festival', Blackpool

In line with the 'Blackpool Punk festival' Corrine Streetly is exhibiting her stunning artwork at the HMV store in Blackpool town centre.

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From left to right: ‘London Girls’, ‘Peaches I’, ‘Peaches II ‘ and ‘Idle Billy’.
All oil on canvas

'Punkadelic' and 'Anarchy' merchandise stand

Punkadelics and Anarchy series paintings
 by Corrine Streetly.

Coinciding with the ultimate social event in the punk calendar, the Rebellion Festival, during August 2012, paintings by artist Corrine Streetly are on display here at Blackpool’s HMV store. 

“As a figurative artist, my work is rooted in the extended tradition of narrative painting. These two series paintings of Punks & Rockabilly’s were directly influenced by the die -hard visitors to the Rebellion Festival, staged annually for the past 15 years in Backpool’s beautiful Victorian deco Winter Gardens complex. The festival has become an intrinsic part of Blackpool’s culture, running for four consecutive days during the month of August.  The first series, alternatively titled Rebellion or Anarchy, portray visitors outside the festival in the nearby streets between 2008 to 2010, punks huddled together in groups against the elements or strolling in pairs.

The second series paintings Punkadelics, displayed here, are larger, more detailed ‘finished’ works using the more traditional media of oil on canvas.  During each festival I’ve soaked up the colours, sights & sounds in the Winter Gardens complex, watching the crowds of national and international die hard Punk supporters. There is a real energy, an exciting buzz of expectancy in the air at Rebellion, due to many people converging together in one small space, dressed to impress.”

From left to right: ‘London Girls’, ‘Peaches I’, ‘Peaches II ‘ and ‘Idle Billy’.
All oil on canvas

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Thursday, 12 July 2012

Painting of the week 'Jug's and Oranges', by Elizabeth Ward

'Jug's and Oranges' Still Life.  Acrylic on Canvas, 61x61cm, £95. By Elizabeth Ward