Thursday, 18 June 2015

Recent Paintings by Paul B. Jacob

There is yet another vibrant new window display at Blott Artists Studio on King Street, Blackpool.  Alongside the the scaffolding that continues to blight the area, these stunning paintings by Paul B. Jacob are like a breath of fresh air.  The collection is entitled, with a simplicity that belies the complexity of each piece , “Recent Paintings.”

Paul B. Jacobs says, “I aim to make solid bold and vibrant paintings based on my daily visual experiences. Each painting is a definition of a specific memory, time and place. I search through painting in order to record my daily visual life. I am a painter first and foremost not a publicist nor promoter of my work. I prefer my work to be experienced on a personal level through exhibitions and installations and feel that the internet and social networking detract from this. I am a painting graduate who has studied Art History and Contemporary Practices and have extensive experience within the Arts.

This body of work is from the previous 18 months and is mainly acrylic on canvas. I am interested in typography and the lexical marks throughout history and this is an influence on all of my paintings.  In these recent works I have drawn on the visual subterfuge of camouflage and this reflects my own need to retreat from the public eye. “