Friday, 7 August 2015

Rebellion Festival comes to Blackpool!

The Rebellion Festival, the ultimate event in the punk calendar, starts this week in Blackpool running from the 6th-9th August. Each year Blott has expressed its support and excitement for the event, with our artists Corrine Streetly, Jill Reidy, and David Butterworth drawing on it for inspiration in their artwork.

Each year in August, Blackpool comes to life with its streets turning into tapestries of neon hair do’s, with a palpable buzzing thrum in the air. Music, poetry, fashion, and artwork are shared and celebrated by a fraternity built on a common understanding that self-expression is living art.
Corrine Streetly astutely captures this spirit in her Punkadelics and Rockabilly’s series of paintings.

Idle Billy (30cm x 40.5cm) available as print
Kong Unleashed. Available as print
Vicious Sid (29cm x 42cm) available as print
She states ‘during each festival I’ve soaked up the colours, sights & sounds in the Winter Gardens complex, watching the crowds of national and international die hard Punk supporters. There is a real energy, an exciting buzz of expectancy in the air at Rebellion, due to many people converging together in one small space, dressed to impress’.

Jill Reidy seizes the opportunity to capture the energy of the festival on camera ‘when the sun comes out and shines through those fluorescent spikes on top of someone’s head, my camera goes into overdrive…’

Blackpool Rebellion Festival is one of my favourite events of the year - a photographer’s dream.  Brightly coloured, highly starched hair, any number of face and body adornments, tattoos and clothes that make a serious statement’.

‘For the last few years I have hung around the back of the Winter Gardens, pointing my camera at anything that moves.  I have met some of the most scary looking but genuinely lovely people from all countries and every area of life’. 

David Butterworth, a graphic designer by trade, uses imagery symbolic of the punk culture teamed with witty slogans on his postcards, ‘One of the most iconic accessories used by punk rockers in the late seventies was the safety pin. These images are my attempt at portraying a light-hearted take on these events’.

In honour of this iconic festival coming to Blackpool, Blott has a temporary window display showcasing some of our brilliant punk art. 

Mugs, t-shirts, and canvas bags featuring some of Corrine Streetly’s punk art are on sale within so don’t forget to come down and have a look!

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Blog post written by Sarah Giblin 
Photographs taken by Jill Reidy

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